Fixing League of legends on MACOS catalina Beta.

Hey Folks, as some of you already know the Apple released their Developer Beta OS on all platforms. You wonder if everything works? Kind of.

TL;DR: Now how to get LoL and TFT on MacOS Catalina to work.

  1. Download the game (if you haven’t already).
  2. Do the standard installation.
  3. You will notice on startup it prompts you to move the file to the trash.
  4. Fixing it. The Mac Gatekeeper doesn’t like League so you have to use the following command to get rid of this bouncer.
    1. open your terminal (⌘ + Space and type “terminal”)
    2. $ xattr -rc “League Of”
  5. This will remove extended file attributes (xattr) and -rc will recursively (-r) clean (-r) all attributes.
  6. Start the game, download the latest patch and
  7. play

Note: My system prompted
“‘import sitecustomize’ failed; use -v for traceback”
So far I can tell it did not influence my system so I ignored it.
Let me know incase of a problem.