nuclear Fusion – we are we at the end of 2019

As the title describes – I want to look at which company uses which system, how and where they are f(o)unded and how strong.
You can find my opinion below so so can make up what you think first.

Work in Progress (wip)

CompanyFounded (in Mio.)
InvestorsCore System
Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS)
Cambridge, Mass., 2017, 115$YBCO based on ARC tokamak
General FusionBurnaby, B.C., 2002, +100$MTF
TAE Technologies Inc.Foothill Ranch, Calif., 1998, +600$FRC
Nuscale PowerCorvallis Oreg., 2000, 35$ +443$DOESNMR(possible future engage in fusion)
Flibe EnergyHuntsville, Alab., 2011, 2,5$DOELFTR
Terra PowerBellevue, Wa., 2006, 40$Bill GatesTWR
Cambridge, Mass., 2011,
x-energyGreenbelt, MD., 2009, 53$DOEPBR
Thorcon PowerDOEDMSR(possible future engage in fusion
Terrestrial Energy2012IMSR
Moltex Energy2014, 7,5$SSR
PhoenixMadison, 2005, 27$
Tokamak EnergyAbingdon, 2009, 65$Spherical tokamak fusion
First Light FusionOxford, 2011, 35$PpNF
Helion EnergyRedmond, WA., 2013, 19$MIFP
Lockheed Martin Shunkworks – Compact FusionBethesda, 2010, Company internal fundsDMT/MH diamagnetic trapping/magnetic heating
CFR, Patented
LPP FusionMiddlesex, NJ., 2003, 1$FF Focus Fusion

taken of: (11.11.19)

So what’s going on there?
In future articles I’ll explain their systems and their benefits.
For now: I’m not a physicist but interest to bring – in my opinion – important ideas to all people. We need more simple explanations of complex ideas.
The table above is laking information due to missing information, let me know if you hav heard of new companies rising or information belonging to companies in this list.

My observation so far:

Leading Companies are based in: USA, Canada and the UK.
China has invested at least 900$ Mio. and research in prototypes and leads the market for NFu supplies.

The sad truth is: usable Nfu energy will be available around 2040 and the governments (except China and a few) are not willing to invest hundreds of millions/billions in sustainable fusion power.

What we need are: highly knowledgeable people either explains to politicians or themselves in important places and slam on the brakes to invest now and pushing this technology to be realised asap.

~ JB