Laser Royale

Year 2021

Platform PC

Programms Unity | FL Studio | Visual Studio Code

Language C#

Genre Local Multiplayer, Arcade, Battle Royale,

Players 2-4

Synopsis & Discription

Reflect your laser beam using mirror walls and annihilate your enemies. 2-4 players can play using one keyboard.

This game was created for the winter 2021 edition of the Semester Game Jam of the Technical University Munich. The theme was “mirrors“.

All assets were created during the game jam. The engine used is Unity. 


Goal: Destroy all other tanks!

Reflect your laser beam via the mirrored walls. If you directly hit another tank, you will be punished by death.

Multiple reflections make your laser become stronger!

There are three phases: 

  1. All players move their tank freely
  2. Tanks are stationary but rail guns can be rotated
  3. All tanks shoot at the same time 

Have fun playing and always remember: don’t cross the beams!


  • Jonas Braukmann – Game Design, Post Processing, Sountrack and Sound FX
  • Beck Niederländer – Game Design, Art
  • Jannosh Landvogt – Programming Gameplay
  • Felix Stieglbauer – Programming Gameplay
  • Lisa Keil – 3D Art and Level Design
  • Dominik Huber – Programming