Worlds Edge 🌌

Year 2017

Platform PC

Programms Unity | FL Studio

Language C#

Genre Casual, Multiplayer, Party game

Players two or four (asynchronous on two Controlers)

Synopsis & Discription

You (and your Partner) play against the other party on the through space floating island ‘Tortouge’. Each Party has raft with 3 lives and a torpedo aiming to the front. A game takes 2-7 minutes. One player reloads and stears to the right, the other shoots and stears to the left, moving forward needs both players to ‘paddle’ in sync.


  • Jonas Braukmann (GUI programming, world design)
  • Felix Trost (gameplay and physics)
  • Velerij Bezzakonv (soundtrack)
  • (Alex Müller) (Shader programming)
  • Andreas Holzner (graphics and 3d assets)