Transhumanism – A Start

Down here you will find a variation of articles/papers about transhumanism sorted and selected to certain topics I want to group them.

Believes | Religion | Ethics | Morals

Marked according with B/R/E/M and with [A/P] for its kind before the link.
Example: Morals, Paper about pinch grinder moments
M[P](DDL) PG-Moments: Always something that needs to be addressed.
I provide my classification, if accessible the direct-document-link(DLL) else the website link (WL), the name of the linked site and my shortened summary of the idea of the paper.

God of Transhumanism (Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research)
Jadi Jadi jada.

Read by the City: Digital Transurbanism and Facial Recognition

E[P](WL) Conclusion: Contesting and Considering Transhumanism (

G[B](WL/DDL)Transhumanism(Google Books) by Jennifer M. Gidley