• Servus,

    I am Jonas, moved in Munich, Bavaria, Germany to study Computer Sciene: Games Engineering at the Technical University Munich (TUM). Currently studying Technology & Management at TUM.
    While working as Junior Product Manager at PLAION. I call myself a “bridge between the ‘odd’ game developers and the ‘weird’ business guys.” The perception of each side often more or less can be broken down to this simple quote. Building games as a passion and earnings are a nice benefit is quite the opposite of a business model that starts with the idea “How to get the most profit out of a game?”.

    A good game needs good devs, artists but for a great game you need great business model and marketing too. (I’m leaving a bit out on both sites) That guy who knows a guy who knows Geralt? Yep, that’s me.

    I am the website coordinator of SemesterGameJam and proud volunteer at DEVCOM.

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