Servus, I am Jonas, based in Munich, Bavaria, Germany and I started studying Computer Sciene: Games Engineering at the Technical University Munich (TUM).
Currently studying Technology & Management at TUM. While working as Junior Product Manager at PLAION.

I call myself a “bridge between the ‘odd’ game developers and the ‘weird’ business guys.”

You my ask: that’s rude? The perception of each side often more or less can be broken down to this simple quote. Building games as a passion and earnings are a nice benefit is quite the opposite of a business model that starts with the idea “How to get the most profit out of a game?”.
A good game needs good devs, artists but for a great game you need great business model and marketing too. (I’m leaving a bit out on both sites)

That guy who knows a guy who knows Geralt? Yep, that’s me.

I am the website coordinator of SemesterGameJam and proud volunteer at DEVCOM.

info (at) braukmann (dot) li

Feel free to explore my web space and projects and don’t hesitate to contact me.